The Esstu Pack - Programs by Chris Angelico

All the programs in this list were written or largely modified by Chris Angelico. I have tried to give credit wherever a program was based on someone else's code, but if I've missed any, please forgive me! I collect code from all sorts of places, and I can't always remember where a piece of code came from. If you feel that credit should be given somewhere where it hasn't, email me and I'll look into the problem.

Except where noted, no program will create, modify, or in any way touch any files outside of their respective working directories. Many don't even need write access to the current directory, so you could run them from a CD or a read-only network drive. Also, as far as I know, none of these programs will conflict with any other in this set, so you can run them all from the same directory.

Contents of this archive

New entries will be mentioned in What's New. All download files are under 50KB unless stated.
Assembly TipsTips and Tricks fileAssembly programmer
AtSimple schedulerUser; REXX knowledge helps
BEP2MIDMIDI file builderUser/musician
Credit Card CheckerCheck a credit card number for validityKnowledgeable user
CD Player Plus!Audio CD player with no dumb graphicsUser/Audiophile
CerealResource serializationREXX programmer
Clipboard utilitiesFour programs for clipboard useUser with some programming knowledge
DB2/2 UtilitiesCollection of utilities for DB2/2DB2/2 user
DisAsmDisassembler for 80x86 assembly codeProgrammer
Dissociated PressREXX program to turn useful data into humorous rubbishEntertainment
DTA2HTMLConverts DeScribe documents into HTMLUser with some HTML knowledge
Programmer's EditorEditor with some nice featuresProgrammer!
Egg TimerSimple timer programUser (programming knowledge allows more configuration)
ERexxTryREXXTRY with better interface and several useful functionsREXX programmer
Fix It YourselfUse this to make idiots think you're working hardEntertainment
Floating MLEFloating text - type some text and keep it on screenKnowledgeable user
GetThreshTelnet Proxy (runs on Win32)Telnetter, especially Thresher
HALREXX function DLLs (several)REXX programmer
HTMLTryType in a piece of HTML code and see it as rendered by NetscapeHTML programmer/experimenter
HTTP ServerJava HTTP (web) serverKnowledgeable user
I/O ServerMLE with pipe input/outputAdvanced User; pipe/network skills help
Make IndexMake an index of a set of HTML filesHTML programmer
Mine BorgMinesweeper clone with computer playerEntertainment
No 0D0D0AEliminate extra carriage returnsKnowledgeable user
OthelloPlay Othello (Reversi)Entertainment
PianoPlay piano on your PCUser/musician
PigeonNetBIOS messagingUser
PSaveSave abstract objectsKnowledgeable user
READ.CMDView/read a fileUser with a big file :-)
Restart WPSRestart the WorkPlace ShellUser - a dangerous tool so use with caution!
RootDirRead the root directory of a Windows-used floppyUser of both OS/2 and Windows
RosMud++Telnet (MUD) client for WindowsMudding, networking, etc
RunawayChase a window across the screenEntertainment
Run ReportRun a report on a DBase databaseDBase user/developer
Rexx DrawDraw on a PM window, with REXXUser (REXX knowledge helps)
S2DataGeneric file formatUser
S2MacrosNASM MacrosAssembly programmer using NASM
S2UtilREXX function DLLREXX programmer
SemaphoreSet up serial access for certain tasks over a networkNetwork user with some programming knowledge
Shadow2CopyTake copies of all shadowed objects in a directoryKnowledgeable user
ShortenShortens all file references in an HTML to 8.3 for DOS systemsHTML developer
ShredderA super shredderKnowledgeable user
StampSimple hotkey timestamperWindows user
TablesHTML-Ed macro for insertion of <TABLE> tagHTML-Ed user
Telegraf/2Replacement for Network Messaging with heaps of added featuresKnowledgeable user
TreeTree view of directory with file sizesKnowledgeable user
VREXX GraphDraw the graph of a mathematical functionUser (mathematical knowledge helps)
Window ControllerView active windows and all objects on themProgrammer
XPTJavascript demo with XPT train and animating level crossing lightsEntertainment
VarFetchREXX DLL to list variablesREXX programmer
VX-REXX Object CollectionVX-REXX object DLLsVX-REXX programmer
VX-REXX Tips & TricksVX-REXX utilities and infoVX-REXX programmer
Windows MinesA better Minesweeper program!Windows user

Before downloading any of these programs, you should check the Requires field. Some abbreviations used in these entries are:

A REXX interpreter - all programs have been tested on the one built in to OS/2, and some also with Personal REXX for DOS. Several REXX interpreters are available, such as Regina and Personal REXX; but each one will have its own set of "extra" features, generally incompatible with each other. I have tried to write portable code, but I can't be sure. Sorry.

The REXX Utility library which comes with OS/2. If you aren't using OS/2, you'll probably have trouble; if you have something else to do the same job(s), email me and I'll see about recoding.
VRObj.DLL, the runtime library for VX-REXX. Programs which require this generally cannot be ported to any platform other than OS/2 without considerable work. (Of course, if anyone can write a VRObj for some other system, that would be most of the work done.) This vital component can be downloaded from the Extras directory.
REXX InterProcess Communication - a free library providing support to REXX programs for threads, pipes, queues, and more. Very useful - and free. I use version 1.30 and have uploaded same to the Extras directory.

20061104: I used to offer single-click downloads of all software, and of the entire site. As this site needs a big revamp, I'm pulling them down - they may be restored later, if required.

All download files are ZIP compressed. To extract them use PKUNZIP, UNZIP, WarpZip, or some such program. This is not mentioned in the installation instructions.

If you want to keep track of changes, watch What's New (smart move: bookmark this file).

The legal fine print: Standard thing of not blaming the author for any problems you have using this program. If you use one of these programs in the wrong way and destroy something, it's your own problem! The author is not responsible for any problem caused by his programs; this software has been provided without warranty.

Note: The "Distribution" entry for each program is not to be simply ignored! None of these programs incur an initial cost, but if you continue to use a program, you are asked to pay the respective fee (also, any bug reports or requested features are most welcome) based on the distribution type:
EmailwareJust send me an email to tell me how much you like it.
SharewareSend me the appropriate amount (in Australian or US dollars please) to receive a registration code to unlock some features of the program. Shareware programs in this set have full details in the documentation about how and why you should register.
DonationwareIf you like it, send a token of appreciation in proportion to your level of interest.
Open SourceUse it, play with it, modify it, do what you like, but if you like it I'd appreciate an email to that effect. One restriction applies: If Microsoft wants to rewrite it in VB .Net, they must first obtain permission, which will probably require filling out 1024-page forms, signing away Bill Gates's entire fortune, and needle nardle noo. You have been warned. (Who says writing software licenses isn't fun?)

Yes, I know this web site is a bit of a mess, and I could tidy it up enormously. There's heaps here. You could hide an elephant in it. (Once I told Dad he could hide an elephant in his REXX directory, and there was one! It was that IBM EWS thing which shows an elephant tap-dancing. Just thought you might want to know that.) So don't bother telling me to categorize everything - it would be an impossible task anyway, as no system can categorize things perfectly. Use the original Unix definition, describing a file as a stream of bytes. You can't go wrong there! :-)

I have collected a few URLs which may be of value to other people. Interested? Try my links page! If any link doesn't work, please email me.