The Esstu Pack

Welcome to The Esstu Pack! This site is devoted almost entirely to software written by Chris Angelico. I also give a (short) explanation of each program, to give users some information which should tell them why they want each program.

A little about me first. I know that sounds boring, but you really do need this information. Or not. Your mileage may vary.

I am a diehard computer nut, but there's a bit of selectivity about me too. I use Windows when I must, but for core work, it's OS/2 all the way. If you don't know about OS/2, go find out about it... it's worth knowing. If you're running Windows, there are a few programs here that you'll be able to make use of, but the bulk of this software isn't going to work. Unix/Linux users, you may have some difficulty with some of these programs too, but if you have a REXX interpreter (such as Regina), most of the .CMD files should run.

If there's anything you don't understand about this, just email me and ask. Response time is measured in hours, which would be appalling for a computer system, but unfortunately I can't respond to an email in 42 milliseconds.

Eager to get your hands on the software? Check out the index first. Don't blame me if you can't understand something because you didn't read the index first!

This web site is maintained by Christopher Angelico (also known as ChrisA and Rosuav), an OS/2 programmer/user by choice who considers programming to be a most entertaining pastime, not to mention useful. As well as coding programs for computers, I code the HTML for this site by hand, using HTML-Ed v0.96b, a plain text editor with features for inserting HTML code through dialogs, and a built-in Test feature which calls on IBM's Web Explorer to display the page. Testing was originally done using IBM WebExplorer and Netscape v2.02 and 4.61 for OS/2 Warp, and more recently using Mozilla Firefox - again on OS/2.

My home country is Australia, not America, and this is reflected in a number of places (not the least of which being the .au in the url!). Americans please note: Dates in this site, and in most of the programs here, are either in sorted format (yyyymmdd) or European format (dd/mm/yy, possibly four-digit year and/or dashes instead of slashes). Don't get confused!

Version: 3.1
GCS/CM dpu s+: a--->? C++(+++)>$ U*++(+++)>++++ P++>+++ L>++++ E?> W+>++ N? o? K?
w--- O+++ M-- V? !PS PE++ Y? PGP- t? 5? X? R++ tv-- b++++ DI++>++++
D+>++ G>++ e h!>++ !r y?

If you are reading this offline and would like to find the latest version, it's at

The views expressed in this Web site are strictly those of the author, Christopher Angelico. They do not reflect the views of IBM, Sun, or any other company, or of my parent web site Kingsley Educational.

Larry Wall, in the Perl documentation, said:
Just a personal note: I want you to know that I create nice things like this because it pleases the Author of my story. If this bothers you, then your notion of Authorship needs some revision. But you can use perl anyway. :-)
At the risk of sounding like an AOL user, I might say that I agree 100% with this statement. The Author of his story is the same Person as the Author of mine. Genuine questions about this can be sent to; flames to /dev/null.