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KEPL Order Form

KEPL order forms are sent out with all orders, or can be requested. Alternatively, you can download them in PDF format: Use Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print.

The text of the Postage Info page is as follows:

Postage Charges

Unless you instruct us otherwise, we will choose the most efficient option, so if this all seems too complicated, don't worry.

We use Australia Post exclusively because of their superior service, particularly to remote locations and PO Box addresses.

Philatelists, please note: we never use stamps, as the various prepaid satchels are much better value. However, we can supply used stamps in your parcel.


If you live in New Zealand, allow $A8.70 for orders under 500g. Parcels over 500g up to 2kg cost $A4.05 plus $A3.35 per 250g. Above 2kg it's $A16 plus $A3.50 per 500g up to 20kg. All letters and parcels to New Zealand are carried by air.

Elsewhere overseas: more expensive than New Zealand; please ask for details.

Within Australia

If your order weighs less than 500g and contains no fragile or bulky items, estimate $2.50 Australia-wide.

If your order weighs between 500g and 3kg, estimate $9.90 Australia-wide, or $11.30 for Express Post.

NB: If your order can be divided into portions of 500g or 3kg, postage costs can often be reduced.

Parcel Charges:

To calculate your parcel charge, use either the guide set out here or our online Parcel Charge Calculator. However the above Prepaid options are often much better value than parcels.

A. If you live in Melbourne (V1), your parcel over 500g will cost a flat $8.45 regardless of the weight (up to the 20kg limit).

B. If you live elsewhere in Victoria (V2), and your parcel weighs over 500g, allow $8.45 plus 55c per kilogram - eg up to 1kg=$9.00; up to 2kg=$9.55, etc.

C. For Interstate parcels, estimate $10.40 per parcel plus the per kilogram charge for your postal zone (see the table below). First find your Postal Zone, then use the downloadable Postage tables above.

Insurance is available for parcels only, at a cost of $2.60 per parcel plus $1.15 per $100 of value or part thereof.

Other Australia Post services are available if you require them.


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