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How to Read your Invoice

Where is my invoice?

When you receive your parcel, the invoice will be on the front in the clear pocket which reads "Invoice Enclosed." Please check it against the parcel contents, and your original order, immediately. If items are missing they should be listed as Back Orders (with an estimate of the delay). If there are any problems, please contact us immediately.

We may include various comments about the status of your order, and sometimes we may answer your questions here rather than sending a separate letter.

You will find your Account Reference next to your name and address. This will be a three, four or five digit number, or a letter and two digits (eg. 751, 1829, 11375 or A07).

How much do I owe you?

The total charge for this invoice shows in the bottom right corner. However, in the middle of each invoice in the "Description" column, you will see a summary of your account showing:

* Any previous balance owing (Dr) or credit (Cr)
* The payment you sent with your order
* The final amount due or in credit

For Credit Card payments, the amount charged will be noted. Check this against your credit card statement. New Zealand customers will see the $A amount and an approximate conversion to New Zealand dollars.

For smaller debit balances say under $10 we do not usually request immediate payment if you are intending to order again within the next three months: simply add it to your next order.

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