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KEPL News September 2014

Since we are decreasing our stock of imported curriculum, we have many close-out sale items for you. Please enjoy our special prices and help us make room on our shelves!

Saxon Maths

A revolutionary system that turns maths-haters into high-fliers! Students must do a Placement test (100g, free, also available for download from our web site), as grade levels are not as significant as actual ability.

Saxon Maths 54 Hardback [For Middle] 1.4kg
Covers addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, estimation, decimals, measuring, word problems. Kit includes textbook, tests and answers. Normally $132, now 10% off. Current softback edition sells for $160.

Algebra 2 3rd Edition [For Senior] 2.7kg
Teaches chemistry problems, sets, uniform motion, linear equations, trigonometry, equal triangles, completing squares, vectors, and quadratic equations. Current edition, with full Solutions Manual, all in new condition. Normally $286, now 10% off.

Favourite items at 10% off

Shortcut Maths [Christian][For Senior] 150g $9.90
Little tricks to help older students and adults become faster than a calculator at complex arithmetic. Try these tricks when proficient at long multiplication and long division. When you start, practise a few examples each day so you won't forget what you learn.

Rules Of The Game 3 [For Middle] 350g $32
An efficient, non-consumable grammar course for correct English. Can be completed in a block of 4-6 weeks or in weekly lessons for half a year, ideally between Gr 8 and Gr 9. Includes answer key.

SanctiFinder [Christian][For Middle] 200g $13.20
A daily drill for ages 10 and up to fine tune Scripture use. Students master the order and spelling of Bible books with eight drills in multiple copies. May be copied in-home or used with Clear Overlays ($1).

Other Side of the Garden [For Everyone][For Parents][Special!] 800g $35
Virginia Fugate reveals how to: renew purpose in life; achieve God's design for your marriage; distinguish submission from blind obedience; correctly influence your husband, children and church; live with a passive or overbearing man. Includes a study guide for group or individual study.

We Win [For Everyone][For Early][For Middle] 450g $33
A complete noncompetitive phys-ed program (not just games - skillbuilding sequences) for the entire family, plus setting personal goals in keeping with Christian principles. Fro Gregg & Sono Harris of Noble Publishing.

At or below cost price

Mission AD [Australian][Christian][For Everyone] 100g Was $8.80 Sell $5
An exciting board/card game of skill and strategy. In the course of the game players lay out a map of the Mediterranean Sea and try to make their way to the three Biblical towns secretly assigned to them. The map can only be completed by matching up Scriptures with their references.

Zero Tolerance [For Senior][For Parents] 300g Was $16.50 Sell $10
How bureaucrats get in the way of good ideas; the disastrous outcomes of poor teaching; how failure to teach is rewarded; are we really better now than in 1800s? This study of education and politics is from New Zealand, but is relevant everywhere!

Kindergarten Certificate [For Early] 10g Was 77c Sell 20c
One more way of rewarding a diligent learner.

See For Yourself Bible Study Curriculum: Encourage young people (Year 6 to 8) to discover for themselves the amazing truths of God's Word. This new (2005) curriculum is full of pizazz and 21st century applications, yet faithfully teaches the old old story of faith and grace. Each set includes student text (was $15) and teacher guide (was $22). Yours for just $15 each set or $25 for the two sets ($74 value).

Set A1 - God's Massive Plan
Set A2 - Seeing God's Plan Fulfilled

Heart & Mind: What the Bible Says about Learning [Christian][For Parents] 250g Normally $19.80
Revised edition of Dr Beechick's earlier title ("Biblical Psychology of Learning"). Sets out the most complete research available about heart in the Bible, offering fresh insight on what the Bible says about learning. All other learning theories view man as simply a body. By restoring our understanding of the role of heart, Dr. Beechick shows us that we are not only "educating," but truly training up the child in the way that he or she should go - in the image of God.

Child Training books [Christian][For Parents] 200g
The book To Train Up a Child and its sequels No Greater Joy Volumes 1-3 have helped many families, and some people have ordered them in bulk for Bible Study groups, church bookstalls or just giving away to friends. Normally $8 each, now $5 each, or $3 each if you but 20, or $1 if you buy 100.

Republic? The Hidden Agenda [Christian][Australian][For Parents] 100g Normally $2.20 Sell $1
What is the largely unknown reason for the push to make Australia a republic? What are the consequences that we will later regret if we cut our ties with our Constitutional Monarchy? What is the agenda of the United Nations? Where should Australia be headed? Read all about it - you, you church, and your young people. Only 27 pages and not a "heavy" read - an important book for Christians and non-Christians. By Dr David Mitchell, well known lawyer, minister and thinker.

Bible Explained CD-ROM

Calculadder series [Christian][For Early][For Middle] 600g $15 was $44
Potent daily "Learning Vitamins" © are taken in tiny daily doses (3-5 min) to promote vitality in arithmetic. Learning Vitamins© gradually add speed & accuracy to all arithmetic step by step (age 10 to adult). Each has its own "QuicKey" to speed correction. Each of the six books contains 12 copies of 16 colourful Learning Vitamins, and 16 QuicKeys. Coverage:
Book 1: Addition, basic subtraction (all ages start here)
Book 2: Advanced addition/subtraction, basic mult.
Book 3: Advanced multiplication, basic division
Book 4: Advanced division, decimals, basic fractions
Book 5: Intermediate fractions, development, reviews
Book 6: Reviews, advanced fractions, unit systems.

Listen & Play series [Australian][For Early][For Middle] 450g Was $19.80 each Sell $8
A great way to get started on a musical instrument at home. The student just follows the instructions on the cassette - first learns some notes, then plays them while the recording plays the notes not yet known. This keep the tempo while the student is hesitant. Soon many whole tunes can be played. Students enjoy learning many instruments by this simple effective method. Choose from Alto Saxophone, Clarinet, Recorder 2.

Elements of Music
With this thoroughly Scriptural 3-yr program, the whole family can learn music theory, practice (keyboard), composition and history without a music teacher. Includes excellent teaching aids so that memory and application grow and increase to fluency.

Volume 2 teaches Tonality, Harmony, Tempo, Timbre, Dynamics including use of the body and spirit. Normally $163.90, sell $80.

Volume 3 explores history from ancient times, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic periods, and the 20th century. Normally $148.40, sell $80

Special offer: Both volumes for $100

Audio Memory products

You never forget what you sing! Music allows efficient learning in those "wasted" times - lunch, chores, travel - and allows us to retrieve information when needed. Hear samples on

Grammar Songs [Christian][For Early][For Middle] 350g Was $35 Sell $5
Learn basic definitions and more with examples. These facts are ideally learned to music. Includes cassette, teacher guide and activity book. Covers nouns, verbs, pronouns, quotation marks, Greek and Latin roots, irregular verbs, direct objects and more.

Also: Activity book only, $5

Subtraction Songs [Christian][For Middle] 150g Was $22 Sell $15
Spend time drilling subtraction, to avoid confusion between addition and multiplication. Kit includes CD and book with words to the songs and some pages of written practice. Also: kit with cassette instead of CD, 200g $5

Multiplication Songs [Christian][For Middle] 150g $15
Once the concept of multiplication has been taught, music can reduce the effort needed for memorization. The CD goes through the "times tables" twice each, echo fashion (answers left out the second time). Kit includes a book with the song words and some pages of written practice.

Division Songs [Christian][For Middle] 100g $5
Teaches division problems up to 144 ÷ 12 = 12. Learning division is important too, as it is not always easy to reverse the multiplication facts without practice. Kit includes cassette and a book with the song words and some pages of written practice.

Languages Other than English

Le Français Façile (Easy French) [Christian][For Middle][For Senior] Was $198 ea
A high quality Christian French course, starting with sounds/spelling.

If you want to go beyond "getting by on a tourist trip to France", then you need to understand the French people, their culture, and their expressions. Every lesson includes French cultural notes and trivia. French idioms are used in the stories, explained, and kept in your student's notebook. You even get some French recipes!

Easy French is designed for home educating families - catering for teaching children of very different ages at once. The textbook is non-consumable and all worksheets are on CD-ROM so you can print out as many as you need. Further information on the course can be found from

Book Two teaches more about French language and culture, and students learn more Scripture in French. Includes two enhanced audio CDs.

Special offer: Books 1 and 2 for 20% off

The Easy French Junior [Christian][For Early] 500g Was $110 Sell $50
Uses the same highly effective methods in Le Français Façile (The Easy French), with more emphasis on learning through music and less writing.

Teach Me More cassette kits [For Early] 300g $5 each
Choose from Japanese or Italian. Was $36.

Lancar Berbahasa Indonesian [For Senior] 800g Was $63.80 Sell $40
Advanced Indonesian language course for Year 11-12 students who have already studied basic Bahasa Indonesian. Book and cassette set.

Power-Glide Ultimate [For Middle][For Senior] 1.6kg Was $220 Sell $100
Comprehensive language courses which take the student from beginning to advanced levels in one course. Exciting adventure theme encourages students, and a variety of approach reinforces and broadens their understanding. Speak the language, don't just pass the test. Activities for all types of learners (ages 10 and up). Power-Glide also teaches the culture of countries which speak the language. This is one of the only courses that truly teach students to think and speak like a native. Available in Latin and Japanese.

Power-Glide Junior [For Early][For Middle] 1.4kg Was $198 Sell $90
As above but aimed at primary schoolers (age 6-12). Available in Spanish and Latin.

Power-Glide Bundle [For Middle][For Senior] 3kg Was $297 Sell $120
Like Power-Glide Ultimate but arranged into two years of lessons for ease of teaching. Includes CD-ROM with multimedia enhancements. Available in German.

20% off Dr Beechick

You CAN Teach Your Child Successfully (Grades 4-8) [Christian][For Parents] 600g Normally $29.70
Ruth Beechick writes with refreshing commonsense and Godly wisdom, sweeping mysteries and worries away. Every chapter will leave you feeling enabled and encouraged. You won't regret buying this!

The Cabin and the Ice Palace [Christian][For Middle][For Senior][For Parents] 250g Normally $16.50
Novel by Ruth Beechick about idealism: all is blissful until the realization hits - it can't last. How can others be warned? Will they listen? A challenging look at the physical and spiritual, evangelism and the Gospel, and appropriate goals.

Homeschool Questions & Answers [Christian][For Parents] 300g Normally $24.20
Hundreds of categorized questions that established home educators wonder about but don't know whom to ask for proven answers. By Ruth Beechick.

Language and Thinking for Young Children [Christian][For Early][For Parents] 300g Normally $22
A whole year's language course for children who can't read yet, or are still in process of learning. Without workbooks, "readers" or busywork, this manual will help you keep language learning happening and skill growing. It gives strategies for increasing learning on excursions, in story telling, in everyday life, and anywhere. The scene is set for lifelong logical thinking, enjoying books, using a growing vocabulary, and being articulate. Another Beechick beauty!

Horizons Maths

Horizons Maths [Christian][For Early][For Middle]
Horizons is teacher-led, hands-on, incremental style. Every lesson contains concepts being introduced, developed, and concluded while others are in recess. Children learn very fast and don't seem to forget!

Each year level consists of two student books (each covering half a year's work) and a Teacher Guide with extra worksheets, teaching tips, tests, lesson plans and ideas for extra reinforcing activities.

Horizons K [Christian][For Early][For Middle] 1.6kg Was $152 Sell $80
Teaches counting, shapes, writing numbers, tally marks, telling time, days of the week, skip counting, number lines, money problems, measurement and place value.

Horizons 1 [Christian][For Early][For Middle] 2.1kg Was $165 Sell $80
Teaches bigger/smaller, addition using a number line, word problems, addition with carrying, inequality, basic fractions, double digit addition, telling time with half and quarter hours, adding three numbers, subtraction and ordinal numbers.

Horizons 2 [Christian][For Early][For Middle] 2.1kg Was $165 Sell $80
Teaches three and four digit addition, rows and columns, two-digit subtraction, telling time in five minute increments, subtraction with borrowing, odd and even, greater than/less than and single digit multiplication.

Horizons 3 [Christian][For Early][For Middle] 2.1kg Was $165 Sell $80
Teaches rounding, short multiplication, solid and plane shapes, Roman numerals, equivalent fractions, basic algebra, telling time in one-minute increments, long addition, maps, division, perimeter, mixed numbers and improper fractions, converting fractions to decimals, reducing fractions, temperature, volume, parentheses, lines/rays/line segments, symmetry, angles, estimation, cartesian coordinates, adding/subtracting fractions and mixed numbers, congruency and ratios.

Horizons 4 [Christian][For Early][For Middle] 2.5kg Was $165 Sell $80
Revises the material learned in Horizons 3 and adds long multiplication, centuries, elapsed time, units of time, time zones, logic problems, parallel and intersecting lines, checking for accuracy, long division, liquid measure, averages and bar graphs.

Horizons 5 [Christian][For Early][For Middle] 2.5kg Was $165 Sell $80
Teaches properties of addition and subtraction, order of operations, equations, profit and loss, exponents, division with remainders, long division, divisibility, right/acute/obtuse angles, protractors, compasses and types of triangles.

Horizons 6 [Christian][For Early][For Middle] 2.5kg Was $165 Sell $80
Teaches percentages, multiplying fractions, the binary system, area of plane figures, the number pi, volume of solid figures, the International Date Line, angles in a circle, constructing bisectors, probability, calculating tax, integers, negative numbers, budgeting, cheques, compound interest and installation payments.

Secondhand curriculum & resources

Christian Day Schools - Why and How [Christian][For Parents] 200g $3
A Christian alternative to state education and to some fundamental problems of life and humanistic education. This book gives a deeper insight into the beauty of education solidly founded on the Word of God.

The Ultimate Guide to Home Schooling [Christian][For Parents] 800g $8
Everything from whether you have time to home educate, choosing curriculum, and getting organised, to home educating teens and beyond, special needs, single parents, and measuring success.

[New!] Make an Offer

We're cleaning out our book shelves - any reasonable offer accepted.

Irwin Skidd's Story - Cyclone Tracy 100g
William Shakespeare 250g
The First Fleet 300g
101 Great Australians 750g
Project help for Students of all ages 250g
Cedric Flower's picture book of Australia When 500g
Famous Australians 150g
Runner and Homer 350g
Social Studies - 1961 Grade 6 250g
Mawson - Antarctic explorer 100g
Australia's Capital Cities 100g
Strange animals of Australia 450g
Early 20th Century 400g
Bold Ned Kelly 150g
The Great Days of Wool 1.1kg
A Modern Reader in Bahasa Indonesia 450g
Folk costumes of Southern Europe 300g
Interdisciplinary Historical Charts 250g
National Velvet 150g
Children's Encyclopedia of Knowledge - History 600g
Gene, Chromosomes, DNA, Proteins 50g
The 6 wives of Henry VIII 100g
Britain's Kings and Queens 100g
How the world was discovered 200g
Sir Winston Churchill 200g
David Suzuki's Did You Know 50g
Josh McDowellFamily Handbook of Christian Knowledge - The Bible 850g
Great people of the Bible and how they lived 1.8kg
Wonders of the World 300g
Heidi 450g
State Birds 100g
Land and Work 150g
Modern History 1.2kg
The History of England 1.2kg
The British Empire 1.7kg
Super Cutaways - Cars and Trucks 550g
Pop-up book - 20,000 Leagues under the sea 200g
The Government of Australian States 1.1kg

Arch Books: 75g each

The Valuetales: That's all for now folks!! Blessings to you all!

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